Dedicated Circuit Installation CT Sticker Confusion

I am installing dedicated circuit monitoring. The instructions say:

“The Sense house logo sticker (or blank side) of the sensor must face the circuit breaker.”

On one side of my sensor is a label that includes a small “sense house logo” on the other side is no sticker (i.e. blank). So this instruction is ambiguous for the sensors I received.

I reasoned that the side with the arrow point TOWARD the loop might be the ingress (load side) and the side with the arrow pointing AWAY from the loop might be the egress (device side). So I positioned the ingress side to face the breaker. For me the ingress side was the same side as the label that includes a small “sense house logo”.

It seems to be detecting power use correctly on that line but I wanted to double-check that I got it right.

Photo evidence…

It looks correct to me.

I’m more concerned about the small two wires (one black, one white) laying in the bottom of your breaker panel that are bare conductors. You need to place a wire nut on those wires (covering the bare copper) even if they are not being used. That is a safety issue. You should not leave any exposed wiring. That could be a potential for someone being shocked.


I ran into the same issue yesterday when I installed my dedicated circuit monitor. My clamps only had the sun on one side and nothing on the other. After reading through some various manuals I deduced that the logo (house, sun, etc) side went towards the supply side so ended up same as yours, my “sun” decal is towards the breaker. Mine also appears to be acquiring correct values so I guess it’s right.

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