Dedicated Circuit Monitoring question

I ordered flex add on sensors they’ll be here tomorrow and I’m planning on installing them on 2 240 circuits one is my electric heat air handler. The other one I still haven’t decided yet, I’m leaning towards my A/C condenser. My other 240 devices are a dryer, water heater and range/oven. What would you guys put them on if you were doing it? I do run the blower motor on the furnace 24/7 due to built in IAQ products. The blower motor is a single speed PSC motor and sense just lumps it into always on. So I’m really interested to get total usage from that one.

My other question is if the device is somewhat detected so I delete that device if it’s put on a dedicated circuit?

Out of these devices, I’d imagine the AC is your largest consumer (depending on where you live/cooling habits.)

As you go through Dedicated Circuit Monitoring set-up, you can merge the old device (even if it’s been partially detected) with your new DCM device.