Replacing devices

I currently have an electric air handler with 10 kw heat kit and condenser unit with 1 speed blower motor than runs 24/7 for IAQ products. Each of them are detected and on dedicated circuit monitoring. In the upcoming months I’ll be replacing the electric air handler and condenser with a new unit, it will be a heat pump with 10kw emergency heat. Higher sear and variable speed blower motor. What do I do with the ok’d info in sense? I’d like to keep it to compare energy usage. After I safe it do I delete the devices? Name the new ones something different?

There’s two ways you can go about this, depending on what works best for you.

  1. Once you install your new unit, you can disable and reenable the Dedicated Circuit Monitoring integration. This will delete the historical data tied to the old DCM device. If you’d like to compare performance, you can export data from the Web App (before disabling Dedicated Circuit Monitoring) into a Google Sheet and compare the usage.

  2. You can simply not disable/enable the Dedicated Circuit Monitoring integration - you would be able to see how the devices compare in the app, but things like historical cost and usage will not be accurate for your new device, since it’s factoring in the behavior/consumption of the previous devices in this scenario as well.

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