Detected devices now in “Always On”


I e been trying to get my “always on” down below the 600 watts it stays at during the day. At night it will be as low as 300 watts.
I’ve gone around unplugging things for a day because the value for always on is supposed to be based on a 24 hour average.
What’s happening for it to be so high is partly because my refrigerator must be figured into it.
I turned off everything that was affecting “other” until it was at zero. My always on still showed the 608 watts and my refrigerator was largest consumer of power running. Everything else are AC/DC adaptors and a few LED lights.
The fridge normally reports as “fridge” so this is something new.
Does anyone else have detected devices being moved to always on?



Energy from detected and regularly identified devices shouldn’t be moving to Always On, unless your detected device suddenly starts staying on for long periods of time.

You’ve got Always On a little wrong if you thing it’s an average. Without smart plugs it is pretty much a rolling MIN function for all readings over the last 48 hour period of time, with some filtering to remove possible data dropouts (where usage drops to zero for a short period). So Always On MIN function will give you something slightly higher than than the lowest usage previous two days.

So some ways Always On might increase are:

  • You add a new “always on” type of device to your household. Most small electronics devices including modems, routers, switches, etc. are typically “always on” devices.
  • You change the timing of usage of a device so it starts filling in what used to be the low power usage part of your day. Say you have your hot water circulator on timer to start at 6AM, but you decide to start it at 4AM instead, because you occasionally get up then. If 4-4:35AM was the lowest usage part of your typical daily cycle, then your Always On is going to go up…
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I haven’t changed anything on the refrigerator or the way it runs. You can see in the screenshot that it usually reports on its own. The next screenshot show what’s currently on, only “always on” and the fridge is running but not reporting. So I’m assuming it’s in always on right now.
I don’t believe my hot water recirculating system shows up in this as it’s off all night and when I’m the only one hone during the day, it runs for 5 minutes every 2 hours.
We just have a lot of vampire loads and it’s been frustrating trying to get our numbers down.



If the Fridge is showing up in the Timeline and Usage summary, as you have pictured, it is getting recognized some of the time, but maybe not all of the time. It would be useful to have the Power Meter view to see if that shows the refrigerator cycles…



But it’s really not showing up. Look at how long it says it was on, 7seconds. It showed on for that 7 seconds and then go moved to “always on”. The screenshot was taken after it had moved.
I know it was on after that and I have never seen a fridge cycle that fast.
So my fridge calculations are way off

Did you notice “other” completely missing? I’m having most devices show up like they should and then move to other but also having them moved to always on.
I’ve had problems since I change a 15 single pole breaker. Everything on that leg has been strange since. All 240’s had to relearn that side also.



Again, when you notice something like this, post both the Bubble/Timeline and the Power Meter waveform. that makes it easier to see what’s going on. What I would really like to see is that 7 seconds on On time in Timeline, viewed in the Power Meter.

As for Other not showing up, that typically happens as a result of 48 hour Always On being larger than a very short term dip in power usage in your house. The Always On number is larger than it really is in really life so Other gets crowded due to how Other is computed. Other = Total Usage minus identified devices minus Always On. Eventually Always On will shrink if it picks up a half hour or so of accumulated Total Usage minus identified usage below the level it is currently at.



I believe the 7 seconds is right in the middle at 11:30ish. As you can see, the cycle is a spike from starting and then a square block after. The 7 second spike is missing the cycle.



OK, you’re looking at the Device Power Meter for your Rerig there, not the main Power Meter for that stretch of time. It would be useful to see the same stretch of time in the main Power Meter under “Now”. You’ll need to navigate back in time… My main goal is to see what the whole house waveform looked like in that moment…



I think this is the same time and the spike matched the device spike. After that spike you can see the normal cycle waveform that doesn’t show on the device page. Am I seeing that right or do I ha e it completely wrong?
What is strange is the whole house doesn’t seem to match what the device meter shows.[Uploading: 18CBB7A8-7BE2-47C7-9705-511CBBAE77FE.png...]()