Detecting two EV’s, what’s realistic/practical

I have two EV’s, both Chevy bolts that charge on a schedule after 11 pm for SuperOffPeak rates. One is charged from a 240v charger, the other from a 120v factory cord. Since they both start near the same time, I’m guessing the discovery of two separate complicates things quite a bit.

Is it likely it will find the two different cars because of the power differences, or should I just lump all “found” ev into one category.

Alternately, was going to put the 120v on a smart plug, does that really help (I know I have to watch the wattage rating)


A few things to know:

  • Sense detects on and off using the distinct parameters of the power ramps, so you stand a reasonable chance of getting both detected if you offset the ramps - might require staggering charge start by 10-15 minutes.
  • You should definitely get 2 different detections if they come. More info on EV detection here.

FYI - I have 2 240V charging Teslas that have both (eventually) been detected by Sense. I stagger my charge starts by 3 1/2 hours during off-peak, mainly to minimize the amount of time 130A / 30kW is running to my house.

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