Detection also has a nearly identical 2nd device

I am new to sense and it’s starting to detect things after a week. I have a device that was detected as a coffee pot. Short cycle 1000 w repetative cycles. I used our instant pot yesterday and it also has short cycles and repetative cycles. From the patterns and total wattage I can see how the detection would be the same for both. How should I treat these and or separate them (without a smartplug on each)?

With a new install, I would give it time and setup alerts to see which of the detections is actually the coffee pot.
There is a slight possibility that the pot has been detected twice but I don’t think it’s very common. My heat pump had two detections as colder and warmer weather change how hard it has to work and therefore, current draw.
For my heat pump,’when i verified it was the same device, I then merged into one device.
Keep in mind if both of these detections are on at the same time then it’s probably not the coffee pot.

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