Device Data Reset


It would be nice to be able to reset the data on a specific device with out deleting the device. Example, I have an air compressor that I recently done some work on it so it doesn’t have to run as long as it has previously done. Average time on was 44 minutes, now it only remains on for 3-7 minutes. I would like to reset the previous 44 minutes that Sense has known. Thanks.


Thanks for the suggestion! That’s an interesting use case worth considering.

The device detection model should adjust itself, but you’re right that the ‘Avg run time’ in ‘Stats’ section would still have the historical length averaged in.


I agree it is a very good use case. Probably wider than what is described here.

Say I make a change to my HVAC schedule. Or if I hire a new maid service. Or tell the kids they can’t watch as much tv.

Clearing the stats could help show if the new schedule is effective. Or if the new maid is vacuuming more. Or the TV is still on as long (assuming tvs are detected sometime in the future).