Device Detection Survey: EVs, Pools, and Hot Tubs - CLOSED

Do you have an electric vehicle, pool, jacuzzi, or hot tub? We’re running a survey to get a better understanding of how they’re used in customer homes, with the end goal of improving how they’re detected historically.

Would you mind taking this brief, 10 question survey?


Added my pool percentages.

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Happy to answer this survey. I have 2 pool pumps, one detected and one that isn’t detected.

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Sense works great on my Jacuzzi, it has detected the heater, the circulation and air pumps.

I also, however, have a circulation pump on my koi pond that runs mostly 24/7 and is only occasionally cycled for filter cleaning. Sense does a poor job on it.

My pool has three pumps and my spa four. Sense usually confuses them or sometimes combines them. It also usually thinks my spa heater is the water heater in the house.

Tried taking the survey, but could not provide any information about my pool usage, because Sense has never identified my variable speed pool pump. It sometimes identifies the heat pump for the pool, but gets confused with our AC system. It has only been 2.5 years, so maybe eventually will be identified …

@RyanAtSense how can we accurately share monthly EV charging usage if Sense doesn’t yet identify all vehicles?

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An informed estimate is also fine for this survey.

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Is the survey closed ?

I finally clicked on the active link.

It should still be working. is it not working for you?

It is working as of 2nd April - I finally hit the active link on the mobile phone screen.

For those of you using TeslaFi, the EV numbers are easily pulled up. I have two panels and the sense is on the other one…

My variable speed pool pump has never been detected but it’s easy to see on a daily basis in Other. Pretty decent estimate. Stunned to see it’s 37% of my energy in May.

I have a 1 HP pool pump that runs continuous from late May to late September. I only turn it off for routine pool maintenance. I was really hoping Sense would be helpful with this, as I am trying to get actual data on how much it costs to operate. This would help be justify (or not) a new variable speed pump with a high up-front cost but allegedly much lower operating cost.

In reality, Sense recognizes the pump, but only tracks it for four minutes before showing it turn off. This has been unresolved for two years, as it is apparently understood why but cannot be improved. I’m hoping there are improved methods that will enable me to track this device effectively.

I think because you ha e it run continuously it will remain a problem. I’m curious why it’s not setup on a timer?
If Sense could see it cycle on and off I think you might be able to get what you want.

Timers are not something generally used in this region. If I had data that showed total consumption I’d be able to make a case for justifying a timer or variable speed pump. I get that a timer could slash consumption. I’d have to calculate turns and what is necessary. But even with a timer, a four-minute profile is all I can get on the motor with Sense.

I recently replaced my old 1HP single speed pool pump with a VS pump. The difference in consumption is drastic, IMO.

The old pump drew about 1200W. The new pump draws 220W. I have my pump wired through an HS110 for an accurate calculation.

Even at the low speed required for the low draw the pump can turn over the pools volume in 12 hours.

That’s a huge difference. Does the pump energy consumption vary? If it does, I imagine Sense won’t give it an ID. The HS110 is a great addition for devices (I have one on my Samsung fridge). Considering that I use 220V on my pump, I can’t use an HS110 (Unless I wire it for 110v off of just one leg. I doubt I’d do that given the efficiency of 220v, or so I have been told). Still way better consumption. Sense tracking is just an additional benefit. What kind of pump? How did you install a HS110 in a wet location?

I too replaced my 1.5 HP pool pump with a new VS pump. Old pump was 1600W at 3450 RPM and new one uses 190W at 1300 RPM.

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My original pump was wired to 110 so I kept as such. I have an outdoor enclosure where I made the junction from the pump to a pigtail which is then plugged into an HS110. The enclosure has a duplex outlet which powers the HS110.

We’ve wrapped up this survey and this thread will auto-close tomorrow. Please take ongoing conversations to new threads or PMs.