Device found with no power draw?

I installed Sense about a week ago and I’ve gotten a few “Sense has found…” emails, most of which are wrong, but I got one last night that it found “Electric Vehicle”, but the graph has zero power use. How does a device get detected with no power data? I do have 3 plug-in vehicles, 2 of them are charged with the dedicated circuit and that has been configured and measured, but the “Found” electric vehicle has “No data” for power use. What the heck?

Unfortunately, that’s very common…Sense processing bug IMHO.

Many tims Sense detects things but the data hasn’t flowed to the right places to report it back to you. Patience.


I never saw it showing as on, it just said that it found the deivce, but it has “No data” for the power usage.

When a new device is first detected you will often see this. The stats and history will likely fill in later.


This is normal…data display often lags data analysis/detection, sometimes by days. Eventually you will be seeing fairly rapid display of what Sense thinks represents the device(s).

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Good luck their algorithms do not work correctly I’ve had a unit for two years and would never purchase it again

Apparently some folks have had good luck with it, and the rest of us have not.

Reading back thru the threads, A few things are clear.

  1. Sense wasn’t forthcoming about many known limitations. Had they been, many of us would not have purchased.
  2. Device design changes (like modern refrigerators which ramp up and down gradually) over the years have made Sense less useful.
  3. Some devices (like my constant pressure well pump) create such a complex (Sense calls it “noisy”) waveform that it masks most of the otherwise detectable devices.

Of our 177 (at last count) devices, Sense has only detected about a dozen and those not very reliably. Sigh!