Device labeling

Sense found a device currently labeled heat 1. When I open the ‘help sense learn’ we see many have chosen slow cooker and the like. All of which are designated under the icon kitchen appliance.

I have purchased a kasa power strip with energy monitoring. When looking to label my instapot. I see there is not currently an option for Slow cooker/Pressure cooker.

Since this seems a very popular devece detected. Can an option be added into appliances for these various “cookers?”

Likewise add a pressure/slow cooker option into the home details??

For those who have them…they are a well used heat source using up a significant energy during use (wife cooked something 20 hours the other day)

As previously stated the ~Other~ option in home details is rather broken.

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There are a lot of random or less-popular appliances that I’m sure Sense isn’t really focusing on, but that may be of help to others. Deep fryer is a very obscure, but probably very high draw, appliance.

I’d say a coffee grinder is much less prevalent then a slow/pressure cooker. Also much less impact on the KWHs. It has a catagory and icon. Along with many other low key devices in the list.

To that point, coffee grinders are much more common than you might think. I was definitely surprised how common they are, and I own one myself. I’ve learned it’s more about the components inside the appliance or device - a coffee grinder has a small motor in it, which has a very definitive energy signature (motors in general do, that’s why we’re able to do things like Motor Stalls in Sense Labs). A lot of those options are grouped/suggested by the components that comprise them.

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Fair enough.
Motors and heat detection seem to be at the top for quick detection.

My Oven was alone of the first detected.

Within a week of being used regularly the our small instapots(slow/pressure cooker)was detected as ‘heat 1’