Disappointed in device discovery


Um, California time must be different than NH time. We have 86,400 seconds in a day here.


yep… my math was wrong… sorry, it was late at night… lol we have 86400 seconds also…


@dougmarino I do understand, LG makes a lot of things out there, but in all fairness, I don’t have a single LG device in my home…

when you talk with support, be sure to ask them if your data shows good wifi connectivity, and ask if your data shows a noisy AC line… AC line noise messes up the detection ability and your wifi connectivity is of course the lifeblood of your system’s communications…

hang in there… also remember that this is a very new technology and there are a lot of changes coming as this develops… if you can stick it out, this will work very well…


I’ve had Sense for 7 months now. I installed it when we put in solar. It’s been useful to show total energy used and total energy produced (solar) per time period but that’s it. It’s detected devices but it’s unclear that they are correct. I wish there was a way where I could train/verify it by turning a device on/off and letting it tell me which device it was. It created 10 heat devices and it’s unclear which is which. I really would like to know what my HVAC is using. I have 2 American Standard gas furnaces (2 stage w/variable fan) and 2 heat pumps (variable, communicating). Also, I wish Sense would put a list of manufacturers to choose from instead of a blank text field. I also wish they would work with us consumers to fix the product. I’m in Massachusetts about 35 minutes from Sense, Inc. They could come here and diagnose it. It would be worth everyone’s time.


We do too! But, it’s just not that simple. I recommend reading this: Why can't you train Sense?

It can take a bit of user effort to ID devices when you get generic duplicates like that. I’d suggest making use of the community names and setting up some custom notifications so you can check out the power meter and narrow down from there. I recently have a bunch of heat devices pop up over two days and it turns out they were all related to my stove/oven. As for why I had 7 heat devices in my in 4-burner stove, I’m not too sure, but some investigation with custom notifications and the power meter helped me figure it out and then I merged them into a single stove device.

That would be a very, very, very long list if we tried to be exhaustive (every mfr ever for every consumer device out there…yikes) and would have to be constantly updated. That said, I do think there could be some autofill capabilities based on what other users have put prior. I’ll pass that along to the team.

Unfortunately, things just aren’t that simple with machine learning. One house doesn’t map so simply to the Sense userbase at large. Most of us here have Sense in our homes and we all suffer from the same device detection frustrations. If I could just knock on my data scientist neighbor’s desk and get my hot water heater detected, I’d be so happy. Alas, I cannot. There just aren’t simple pushbutton fixes here. Sense is a learning device and it needs to learn. You can help Sense learn by making use of Community Names, filling in Make/Model info, turning on Network Identification, and making use of smart plugs for your tough-to-track 120V devices.

In any case, we like meeting our users. I hosted a local user meetup last year. I’ll have to do another one soon nd we can get you in here to meet the team.


Depending on your stove each burner can have multiple elements and let’s not forget the Oven elements either :slight_smile: My current stove (glas top induction) has 2 burners that have a Hi/Lo side of the control knob, which for the Lo side only turn on the inner ring of the “burner” and on the Hi side turn on both the inner & outer ring of the burner. Other stoves have multi-stage heaters where if for example your knob goes from 0-10, 0-5 is 1 stage and 6-10 is a 2nd stage within the heating element to turn on.


Is there anything I can do to help device discovery?

I still have 0 devices and “Other” as the only load.

All switches in the house are Z-wave. It would be great for sense to listen to Zwave messaging and realize when lights are turned on/off, but I’m guessing it doesn’t have the capabilities


Have you reached out to support?


No Zwave communication hardware in the Sense monitor, today. But can communicate with several brands of WiFi smartplugs plus Hue bridges. Right now, the focus is on devices that provide power/energy usage feedback (ground truth), not just on/off.


How long have you had Sense installed? If it’s been longer than a couple of weeks, you should reach out to Support as this sounds like it could be installation related.



I need a way to VERIFY that the device detected is the actual device that I think it is. Surely, this can be done by asking the user to manually turn the device on/off and matching it with what it thinks it is.



there are ways to verify, but sometimes you have to think outside the box… for devices like stoves and washers/dryers, you can simply have the app open, go over to the device, turn it on/off a couple of times (giving it a few seconds to react on Sense) and figure it out… for stages that may be part of a device, you have to get creative… for example: my frig has an ice maker that dumps into a tray in the door… for something like that, there is no on/off switch to use, so I chose a day where the ice maker hadn’t normally been running and I emptied the bin… that night and through the next morning, it ran consistently every hour… I considered that solved… another example: I have a frig and separate chest freezer… I had a detected device that was a frig or freezer, so I needed to figure out which one it was… so I turned on the push notifications in the app to be notified when device turned on and off… over the next few day, when I was home and got an “on” notice, I would go over to the frig and freezer and see which one was running and likewise, check when I would get an “off” notice… that helped narrow it down…

trickier items like heat pumps or multi-stage air conditioners can have as many as 5 stages… furnaces can have as many as 2 stages… there are even parts of the country that use strip heaters and each of those could come up individually… my ice maker heater was detected early on, but I have yet to see my frig or any of its cycles… none of my TVs have been detected… haven’t had any network devices detected… so I do understand your frustration…

I’ve had my Sense for 2 months… although after month created my own issues, but installing a whole house surge protector and changed the Sense setup (moved some wires around for better fitment)… that threw my numbers into negatives, because I didn’t get everything back the way it was, so under advise from support, I reset my data… that put my unit to start over from the beginning… it happens…

from the initial install, I had to get support to force its first firmware update, force the initial line check, and force the solar calibration… since the data reset, it completed all that it needed without any force from support and its actually been detecting devices faster than before… I don’t know if its directly connected to my surge protector, or the better wiring setup/install that I changed… but either way, its been a better start now than before… so we’ll see how it goes…


Very helpful