Do not update the firmware on your HS110 - it may make it not work with Sense

Just FYI but TP-Link has been pushing out a firmware update to the devices that breaks the current method used to locally control them, in the name of security. They closed off port 9999 which is the port used to poll/control them. I do not know the exact extent or details yet. I first learned about it in the Hubitat forum. Some people are reporting that their firmware auto updated and others saying it didn’t. I have 3 HS110s and thankfully mine did not auto update. In the Kasa app, I can see that the version mine are running is 1.2.5 and the newest is 1.2.6.

It looks like TP-Link is currently offering to roll back the firmware for users that need it, but it seems to be something their tech support has to manually do so no telling how long they will allow this.

It also seems to not be affecting all hardware revisions or geographic locations, but I find it highly unlikely they would not push out the same update to all the various hardware revisions of the plug.

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I just looked at my 3 HS110’s. They are running the newest firmware 1.2.6 but I am not having any issues with mine.

I have four HS110s on 1.2.6, Hardware version 1.0 and no issues. I think they have been on this code for a month or two. I am in NYC.

Thanks for reporting this. From what I’m seeing, this only appears to affect HS110 plugs that are H/W version 4.1, which seems to only be a UK model. Based on that, this should not be affecting Sense users at the moment. That doesn’t mean TP-Link won’t expand this rollout to other versions, and we will continue to track that and do what we can to preserve functionality.


So US update okay?

Yes, HS-110’s in the U.S. shouldn’t be impacted by these updates.

I just ran firmware updates on all my TP-Link smarthome modules yesterday (yes, including a number of HS110’s) and they are all still reporting fine. whew