Do you think it makes sense to reset Sense and start the device detection over?


senseinza - how am I classified as a “troll?” I’ve hung in there since October of 2016. I’ve commented on the ups and downs of the product and have actually recommended the device to friends and family in the past. Feel free to read through all of my posts on here as the reality is, it’s not working in a consistent enough manor to qualify as to the expectations of Sense’s marketing efforts or my continued promotion to others. I have 89 e-mail messages back and forth between Sense and myself pertaining to support issues going all the way back to my purchase:

It’s not “full of negativity” - there’s dialogue and conversation. There just aren’t a lot of device detection going on. And each time there’s a reset - there are less devices reliably detected - not more - which is the theme of this thread.


I’d love to hear a bit more about their undocumented API :slight_smile:


I totally agree with Dave, it is not being negative when noting that the marketing claims and the reality don’t match up. Nor is it being negative having spent hundreds of hours over 16 months trying to get Sense to actually work. Since Sense has told me their device can’t work in my home, I’ve finally given up. In my case, Sense engineers identified one “noisy” device (a Franklin Electric constant pressure well pump), which simply means their algorithm’s can’t handle the very distinctive signature this device produces.

Reading reviews, blogs, etc, it’s clear that Sense does work well for some customers and I wish them the very best, but there is also LOTS of “negativity” out there from a significant batch of customers for which it’s absolutely not working. Telling the truth about Sens’s behavior doesn’t make one a Troll”, it makes one a valuable contributor to Sens’s alpha/beta testing process.


@andy and @dave, we definitely appreciate the feedback. As you’re both alluding to, one of the greatest challenges we face is consistency. Many of our users (including many on this forum) have fantastic results right away with Sense, while others, despite a ton of detective work on their end and a lot of back and forth with Support, simply don’t. We’re glad users like you stick with us as getting that data, and your qualitative feedback, is incredibly helpful towards improving the product and figuring out the differences between these homes at a finer resolution than just saying “some homes are noisier than others.”

And know that most of us here share in the frustration. We’re users of Sense too. And we’re working very, very hard to improve device detection constantly.


I’m not calling anyone a troll. I’ve road the send roller coaster too.
Here is what I don’t like right now. Science is based on proven results, objectively. Sense fails miserably at this. There is too much spread in what each user experiences. I’m at 18 in 3 weeks. About 10 are pretty reliable and 2 unidentified. If this was as “scientific” and “intelligent” as claimed then people should be able to reset right now and get close to the same results as I have.
I love the product but not the marketing.
The claims are overreaching

Something I’m curious about is if a person could look at the same data that “artificial intelligence” is analyzing and come up with better, more accurate results. I absolutely believe so.
Here is the thing, there is not any “-artificial intelligence”, it’s a misnomer. The analytics and calculations were programmed in by humans. It following rules and guidelines and is constrained by the same programming.
In other words, it’s just following directions. And it’s very exact instructions in that if it’s not programmed to do so, it’s not going to ha e the ability to do it.


And that’s being kind!


Sense does not purport to operate on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it operates on Machine Learning, ML.

There really is no such thing as AI at this point, despite the fact the word is bandied about relentlessly as a modern day catchphrase. Reality is, it doesn’t exist - 100% of “AI” at this point is really “ML”.

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Thanks for everyones understanding! :wink:

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