Does a discovered device detection improve over time?


I’ve had Sense installed for a week or so now, it’s found an AC compressor, fridge and the stove.

What I’m wondering is if these discovered device signatures are set permanently, or if over time the detection of them improves. For example, the Stove it’s detected, is actually just one burner… sort of - in reality it just detects about half of the wattage of that single burner - the rest goes into other. When I turn on the other burners, they are other, and when I use the oven, I see the occasional random spike showing as part of the stove, but most of it is in Other.

Likewise, the AC sometimes misses the first 30-60s of power draw of the compressor - doesn’t sound like much, but when it runs for 3-4 minutes then shuts off, that’s 1/3 of the utilization.

So do these signatures get refined over time by Sense to detect the whole event? TIA!


You can search over the threads but at a high level, device discovery is very dependent upon each house. In general I’d say expect the first 90 days to find devices regularly and be patient.

The signatures do get better over time but they aren’t perfect yet. For example sometimes my electric car gets missed and put into the Other category. They are working all the time on adding devices and improving the recognition.



Thanks @ptmoore,

To clarify though, when you say signatures do get better - does that mean the detection of a specific device that has already been added as a discovered device does improve over time? As in (in theory), the other burners on my stove will eventually be included in the Stove device? That’s the part I wasn’t sure about, despite already searching the forums.


I’ve read where detection improves on previously discovered device over time but my results have gone both ways.
This morning is a good example.
There were two different hair dryers used this morning that got reported as they were turned on and off as coffee maker, oven, dryer, stovetop and space heater.
The heater and coffee maker were two of the most reliable and consistent devices detected so far. So now I have data from these two hair dryers jumbled up with over devices. I wasn’t able to catch it where I could report “this device is not on” so I’m sure this is going to skew future tagging and reporting.
On the other hand, where the heat oump and water heater reported half the voltage, this has improved and now they both report full wattage part of the time. It seems to be improving.
You had also noticed where when a device starts, it ends up in other before identifying the core device. I don’t know the inner workings but I think this happens with everything. From my experience everything goes into other until sense figures out where it belongs and then it transfer to whichever device it should. The time this happens decreases and most of mine last less than 5s.


Cool, thanks for the insight guys!


This is something we’re working hard on. See this recent announcement for more info: Device Detection Update: Device Updates!


Thanks @RyanAtSense!