Does sense use other devices to aid in detection?


Just curious if sense uses the already identified devices to aid in it’s learning of new devices. Correlation with other devices could probably narrow time frames to search for patterns. I could see it being helpful in identifying triggers as well.

A few examples:
Garage door was on, then a huge spike possible EV charging.
Dryer turns on, possible washer in the hour or so prior.
Oven or microwave was on (look for applicance lights)
Hood vent turns on, probable stove top.
Compressor followed by fan is likely an HVAC Fan.

Sense may already do this, just something that came to mind.


I was recently thinking of something a little different, Matt - if Sense “subtracts” what it knows to find patterns in what it doesn’t know.

Knock wood, there isn’t much of interest left to find in my house, and yet today I was surprised by “unknown device 3” (a 40w short running device - a light maybe?) and “unknown heat 7” (a 350w longer running device which I can’t even guess at). I wondered if it had this pile of things it had pulled out of the house leaving not much else with a pattern and now it gets a little easier.


It definitely seems like the known devices would aid in being “removed” from the equation. The less unknown there is the easier the patterns should be to spot. A 40w device is pretty impressive if you ask me!

I have a ton of extra noise from multiple large unknown devices that are on for extended times (EV). Things are still improving as things like my dryer have been identified in full, not just heating elements as they have in the past.


Sense just identified a 60W toilet seat heater that comes on for 20s at a time yesterday.

I’d complained about this not being identified by Sense in over a year just last week.

I guess the electrical noisiness of individual houses affects the rate at which devices are picked up.


Or perhaps the online noisiness of individual Sense owners :wink:


That was my first thought. Lol


I’m going with - it was complete coincidence.


Well in that case, I haven’t had any new identifications in months and still have a lot of unknowns out there! :slight_smile:


To answer your original question @mattlebaugh, Sense does look at how different components relate to one another with regards to timing.

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