Drill down on METER tab

If I’m looking at the METER tab on the website or the android app can i drill down on a point in time & see what devices were being used?
I’ve looked at the METER tab and seen large increases in usage and wondered “hmm, what’s caused that?”. But I don’t know how to answer that question.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @therichardharrison - if the device is detected by Sense, the best way to do this would be with the Device Timeline.

In my example below, we’ll use the event that happened today at around 11:30AM as an example. I’m able to see the time (in the top right-hand corner) and the date (bottom left-hand corner).

From there, I navigate to the ‘Now’ screen and expand the Device Timeline window at the bottom of the screen, scrolling down until I find the time of day that the device was running.

I can see that it’s my Washing Machine. If I wanted to look at the historical timeline of on/off notifications for that device, I simply click on my ‘Washing Machine’ device and scroll to the bottom to access the historical on/off status of just my Washing Machine.

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This is great. Thanks.
I didn’t notice that the “now” tab has a timeline on it.
Unfortunately for my specific situation the spike in usage seems to be for something that hasn’t been identified yet so it must be in my “other bubble”. The “now” tab timeline doesn’t show changes in the “other” nor 'always on" bubbles.
Oh well. I still learned something today!