Dyson V10 charger

Make: Dyson
Model: V10 Class 2 Battery Charger 217160-02
How identified: Smart plug (HS110)
Additional Comments: Detailed stats show average usage of 31w and 5.9 kWh/year; 1041 average times on/month.
In the Detailed View you see the initial long charge cycle and then a total of 26 consistent charge pulses at 1min intervals.
That yields 1041 - 720 = 321/(1+26)=approx full 12 charging cycles per month or vacuum use of “Every 2 or 3 days”. About right.
Power Specs: Input 100-240V, 1A; Output 30.45V DC at 1.1A
Detailed View: Typical full charge cycle after use (duration will depend upon vacuum usage and battery depletion). Notice initial charge and then 26x 1min interval spikes. This appears to be consistent.

Daily View: Showing regular hourly charge cycle and pulse detail. In this case, coincidentally, every hour, on the hour because the charger or vacuum was initially plugged in on the hour.

Approx 14s duration hourly pulse (zoomed in on the above)

Waveform Source. Device only


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