Hourly 33 watts for about 15 seconds

Can’t add a screen shot from this computer, but recently found a device that has an hourly square wave (no startup spike) of 33 watts that lasts about 10 seconds. Having trouble finding anything because by the time it turns on I cannot unplug anything to check. I did restart my fridge in hopes I would see the time change, but no luck. It lasts up to 60 seconds occasionally, but usually about 10-12 seconds. Any ideas on what types of devices to try looking at in the house?

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Maybe a battery of some kind staying topped off? Power tools battery, or a battery tender on a car battery. That kind of thing?

SOLVED! After much searching and a power outage I figured it out. yes, it is a charger for my new Dyson V10 vacuum! It runs a pretty consistent 35watts and once charged has about a 3-10 second top off every hour. Thanks!!!


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