Electric Dryer and Electric Stove/Oven reporting as the same device

Our Electric Dryer heating element and Electric Oven/Broiler are reporting as the same device. Is there anything I can do about that?

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Technically, they are the same device :wink:
Resistance heaters on 30 amp circuits

Yes for sure mp3tocs_man. The Dryer also a tumbler motor and blower as part of its signature that may allow it to be differentiated from the Oven/Broiler. And the Oven/Broiler also has a fan in it, presumably different than the signature of the Dryer motor, FWIW

Other than being patient, no. I’ve tried several approaches - wait and see if the models start discriminating better and simply deleting the two offending devices.

Neither approach is better in the long run, although in my experience deleting and waiting for re-detection has been helpful in the short term. After a while though, things still occasionally get confounded.

I think it’s up to you - wait and see if you want to keep getting some data on those appliances, albeit imperfect in the hope that things improve (they generally do), or delete and lose all data in hopes that the two are more accurately discriminated later (they generally are).

Thanks Nicholas. I like the idea of deleting and seeing if retrying fixes the issue. I’ll try that in a few days.


You can definitely try deleting the device. Ultimately, it will come down to improvements made to detection algorithms. We do have some work around this kind of device scheduled. These improvements should help to reduce the conflation you’re experiencing.

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I’d quit drying your clothes in your oven :wink:

JK, I feel your pain.