Heating element in multiple devices


Sense has picked up the heating element in my propane dryer, but has also flagged the heating element in the dishwasher and (I think) in a space heater.

I know how to merge individual components of a device, but not how to tell it that it’s inadvertently combining devices. I thought I had seen some discussion about this on the forum, but I can’t find it now and apologize if this is a repeat.

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It might be nice to have an additional flag that users can turn on that says “This is more than one device, all different” and “This is more than one device, all of the same model”. I’m not sure how helpful that would be for training Sense’s models, but it would make me feel better that I was able to inform Sense…

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Becky, it’s possible that as Sense sees these devices operate more, it will separate them and stop conflating the two. In the meantime, you can mark a device as ‘not on’ by scrolling to the bottom of that device’s screen (when it’s incorrectly on), tapping ‘Report a problem’ and then ‘Device is not on.’ This should trigger an off for the device and send information to our data science to use to improve algorithms around that type of device.


thank you Ben, I’ll start doing that.

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I also have several appliances that are being reported as a single device. For example, my dehumidifier and AC Fan both trigger a single device report, as do my washing machine and microwave, and my dryer and tea kettle. These have been reporting like this for quite awhile. Anything else I can do to separate them?

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Hey Gary. As Ben suggested above, I would start by marking them as ‘not on’ in the device’s settings menu. That likely won’t immediately stop the conflation, but it provides data to our data science team so they can re-work some of the models. You might also try deleting one of the devices and letting it get re-detected. You can read about device deletion here: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008183787-When-should-I-delete-a-device-

Hope that helps a bit!

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