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As part of the Inflation Reduction Act 2023 will bring some incredible energy efficiently programs.
Lets leave the politics of it all aside and focus on how these programs can benefit us.

Some of the programs programs rolled into the IRA are:

High Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program (HEEHRP)
High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebates (HEEHRA)
High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebates (HEEHR)
Home Owner Managing Energy Savings Rebates (HOMES)
25C Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit
25D Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit
45L New Energy Efficient Home Credit
179D Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction

With so many programs 2023 is going to be a confusing yet exciting time to make upgrades.
Lets try to sort through some of this…

  • There are programs for about everything
    EV, Solar, Wind, Geo thermal, HVAC, Electrical, Pluming, Insulation, Windows, Doors, Appliances,

  • A lot will depend on how individual states implement the various programs.

  • Many programs have income requirements

  • The US DOE & EPA will be revamping it’s ‘Energy Star’ program. Products certified most efficient today may not be eligible after the standards are increased.

There are too many details to put into a single post, so I’ll start out by providing a few links to some information.


My grandfather worked at a Michigan utility company from the 40s through 1970s. In those days they used to do business development and incentives in the completely opposite direction vs. these. They had incentives to for homeowners to add gas grills, gas lights in the front yard, etc., for anything that could help make gratuitous use of gas and electricity ! Every house we moved into, he immediately helped to add the lamp out front and the grill in back. If we had only had better forethought and economic incentives back then.

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