Energy usage

The green number is what the stove used, what is the darker number? Or the one marked total?

The total usage for that time on the chart.

In other words your stove used 0.7 while everything in your house, including the stove, combined used 1.9.

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I don’t interpret the numbers that way.
You have zoomed in on one device and you only get the info for that device.
Since the mouse is over the 5-6pm bar, the stove used 700 watth (0.7kWh) during that hour

Clear to me now.

Thanks for explaining

When your on a day each one of the bars in the graph is 1 hour… this is the same if your in a device or trends/ usage. In the usage section you can see the total usage for that hour when you zoom in. For instance 5-6pm total usage is 3.9kWh

Then if I would select my AC, then you can hover over the same 5-6pm … you’ll see my AC is 0.4kWh of the total (3.9kWH)

Then if I would goto my device list (AC)… the numbers for 5-6pm show the same even though you can’t see the total on the bar graph… it is your total usage for that time period.

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Let me give you an example to make it clear…

Here’s the data from my router. Something that uses little to no energy.

And here’s my total for that same hour in Home Assistant. You’ll see that my total is the same “total” in both. Whereas the router is basically nothing.

I would agree that Sense might need some UI consistency as the data is represented in a clearer way when you hit the “>” on the usage card. This is where @ccook is getting his screen shots from, which differ from the one the OP and myself provided.