Feature request: Add ability to trigger Alexa routines for device events

Just like we have notifications for on/off and on-for-x-time/off-for-x-time, it would be useful to be able to trigger Alexa routines based on these events.

For my specific use cases:

  • My living room TV screen goes black when idle for some time and it looks like it’s off, but the power consumed doesn’t really go down very much. I never realized this before installing Sense :+1: So, when “TV” has been on for 4 hours, have Alexa say “The TV is still on, is anybody watching it?”

  • I’m trying to determine what Heat 1 is, so when “Heat 1” turns on, have Alexa say “Heat 1 just turned on” so I can run around like a maniac to see what might have just turned on :crazy_face: