Add Standby status to IFTTT

I will find very useful to have the possibility to trigger events in IFTTT when my device is in standby mode for more than x minutes. This is the scenario I’m trying to achieve, I have a solar system and to maximize the use of solar I run a lot of task during peak production hours been one of them laundry, I have my washer connected to a Kasa KP115 whe the cicle end it goes in standby mode until someone open the lid, so I will like to create a routine we’re a two IF washer is in standby mode for more than 5 min then send notification.

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I just use Sense Management to Alert if in Standby for 5 minutes.

Still wish custom alerts would email.

Hi thanks for the tip yes I have seen this and it will work within the app let me expand my intention. The notification actually will be an Alexa Routine that will speak at loud the washer has finished and will change the color of a few bulbs to make sure who ever is using the washer move the clothes to the dryer. I currently do this with the dryer since that device actually turn off instead of goin on standby mode