Garage Door Open Notification



Except those that don’t have HomeKit or a post 2000 Chamberlain/Liftmaster opener.

This isn’t about adding hardware… it’s about using EXISTING hardware to fill a new role.


I think reliability would be quite high. My garage door rarely gets kicked back for something breaking the beam or because something is in the way. I can count the number of times on one hand in over five years.

If you close the door and it kicks back, then all you’d have to do is toggle it to it’s current state.

Garage doors are pretty consistent in their cycle times. You could set a fail safe that if the garage door goes out of it’s rolling average (or two standard deviations… gets you around 95% accuracy) cycle time it doesn’t register as a cycle for it’s state. The only time it would get lost is if it trips exactly half way down or up. You could further refine the logic to be that garage doors chiefly trip in the down direction, so you further apply the logic only on down cycles.

This is pretty easily coded into the logic.


I’m surprised at so many people bringing up reliability. Sense is 100% accurate - far from it actually.

The the appropriate logic, this could easily be 90-95% accurate and in the event it gets lost, it can easily be reset.

I don’t have a smart hub, nor do I see the value of adding it in MY home at this time. Short of competing priorities, I could see this being added easily and adding value to the Sense tool overall.


Liftmaster garage door openers such as the 8500 that support ‘myq’ can connect to a wifi network and notify the app on a phone when the door is open. You can remotely control the doors from the app which is pretty cool. Check it out.
Sense has not detected my 8500 openers yet…


Didn’t they start charging a monthly fee for MyQ?


The multi-door homes where Sense detects two or more openers as the same device would still be challenging unless there were detectable “up” vs “down” cycles and signatures.


Not that I’m aware of. Just added 3 new openers to my MyQ account (9 total) and I’m not charged anything.


Found it, it is the premium subscriptions so you can do more useful things with IFTTT, Google Home, and other providers.


No there is no fee.


See above.


To connect to HomeKit, you only need the MyQ Home Bridge, but no subscription. MyQ Home Bridge costs 10$ more than their bare bones Internet Gateway. It also looks like you can get a new hub that connects to openers going back to 1993/1996, through today.


Doesn’t an opener (at least initially) pull more current when lifting the door rather than when lowering it?


Imma the kind of guy that opens the garage door HALF-WAY then decides, “nah, imma not going to carry out the rake and rake leaves” then closes the door.


You would thing that to be true, but I’m not sure the difference is that large for a well balanced door. From an electrical perspective, at least for a standard 120V dumb motor, the inductive startup spike dominates the on signature.