Gas furnace in HVAC not identified even with exactly same pattern

I have been using a gas powered furnace almost daily with a perfectly repeating pattern (attached image) but sense is not detecting it. It once detected it early on but was not coming up when furnace is on so I deleted the device after trying multiple times but even after that sense doesn’t detect my furnace. I trying to post here before I get a dedicated circuit monitor to see if I can do something

How long have you had Sense? Detections can take a looong time to appear. I also have a have furnace and mine was detected pretty accurately. I don’t remember when it was detected, but I’ve had my Sense installed for almost 3 years.

I ended up using a type of dedicated monitoring because it would sometimes miss a heating cycle and it never seemed to detect when ONLY the blower was running.

Only about 3 months now but the first detection was within a month and nothing after the deleting the incorrect detection

When it comes to device detection, my advice would be to be patient and adjust your expectations. They just seem to show up when you least expect, and some never show up. If there is something that is especially valuable to you, dedicated monitoring is the best answer.

My HVAC energy is important to me, so I use a modified smart plug to make sure I capture accurate data.

What’s a “modified smart plug”. My system is 240v, not something I have found monitoring for. Sense has been expensive and practically useless.

Patience is all I need and I don’t have :joy:, I’m just obsessed with reducing my other bucket so I brought 15 smart plugs. Can you share details on your modified smart plug to capture HVAC data ?

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Here is the link to the thread. I’m not an electrical engineer nor an electrician, so don’t assume what I’ve done is safe for you to copy. But it has worked for me (so far).

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It’s possible, but not easy & not cheap. Basically have to build your own power monitor and use a second platform (home assistant as an example) to push the power data in to Sense. As user ixu has noted in the thread linked above, might be simpler and cheaper just to buy another Sense.