Gas Water Heater

Does anyone know how long an electric ignition/management control would go on for on a gas heater? I have a device that is consuming 8 watts of power for around two minutes that turns on around every hour or so. I haven’t been able to track it down, it’s not my furnace, refrigerator, or any other item. I’m wondering if this is perhaps the ignition module on the gas water heater doing something. Any ideas?

Might be something else. I think 2 minutes is too long for an igniter, 8W is pretty low too. The igniter profile Sense found for my gas furnace and dryer are much higher wattage and under 20 seconds.

Maybe switch the breaker on the water heater off for an hour or two and see if this 8w still gets detected in that time frame.

So this one makes me feel a little silly. I find out that my hot water heater powers itself from the pilot light on the unit. So the device in question remains. :slight_smile: