GE Profile Side-by-side Refrigerator Model PSS28KSHSS

Make: GE Profile
How identified: Sense & Kasa HS110 Smart plug

Additional Comments:
I expect a compressor startup spike (1000+W) like others have posted. Sense shows a 90W spike, then 64W tail for the compressor cycle that happens several times a day. This I named Fridge & can hear fan/compressor in synch with Sense’s timing.
Another 364W pattern I have not confirmed also has a similar small spike. It cycles after a few weeks. I took Sense’s recommended name Fridge 2.
During a power outage, a 1200/2400W pure sine inverter on car’s battery ran the Refrigerator for 5hrs. Groceries were loaded in, power stayed off, inverter connected 30min later, we returned home 5hrs later. Inverter’s meter showed 60W.
Skeptical of such low wattage, I put Kasa HS110 on Refrigerator & it also showed Current Power at 70W. So, 3 meters all in the 64W ballpark.
Ok. For the next power outage, do I have a lot of inverter capacity left to load manage?? Using lookup values for this appliance, I’d think this 1200W inverter can barely power it & nothing else. Using monitored values, the inverter is wayyy oversized or can handle more loads. This topic seems to close to Q&A so I’ll put that question elsewhere & refer back here.

Power Specs: GE Profile™ Series 28.2 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - PSS28KSHSS - GE Appliances

Detailed View:

Daily View:

Waveform Source. Sense graphs Kasa HS110, total Refrigerator load. 1st time I see 900W spike.

I have the 23 cubic foot version. Does your water dispenser line freeze up after a month or two(Ice maker still works)? I am told that it is a design flaw. Had it repaired 3 times in the last 7 years(since we bought the house). I think they finally fixed it the last time(except for the water line freezing up).

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