Guess what's broken in this video of a dryer, win a KP-115 Smart Plug!

Someone here at Sense managed to catch their gas dryer dying and used Sense to diagnose the issue.
We think we know the culprit, but we’d like to open it up to users to guess the broken component.
Winner gets a brand new KP-115 Smart Plug!

A few rules:

  • Each user can submit one guess. Additional guesses will not be counted.
  • The first person to guess correctly wins the smart plug. Bonus points if you explain your reasoning!
  • The only clues/appliance details that we’ll contribute will be listed below.


  • The main symptom prior to failure was the dryer was not drying clothes and making weird noises occasionally.
  • The rattling noise you hear in the below video happened consistently each time the ignitor was on.
  • The clothes dryer is a Maytag with the model number MDG5500AWW.
  • Make sure you have your audio up! This is a video that has the sounds that the dryer is making while the Power Meter is being viewed.


Sounds like a motor free spinning.


One of the roller guides on the drum is failing. Or a bearing failure.

When the heating element turns on it is warping into the path of the spinning drum. The drum is not properly warming the clothes as the heat generated is escaping instead of being pulled through the machine.

The igniter element is dirty, and won’t light properly?

The gas valve is broken. Perhaps the coil is damaged or has come loose. The noise is chatter from the coil.


We have a winner!

@torchme68 go ahead and private message me your shipping information and I’ll ship your KP-115 out early next week!