Hairdryer not detected after one year

We have two Hairdryers used daily - one at night one in the morning. Neither has been detected after a year.

is there anything I can do to encourage the system to match the device?
Wondering if I should reset sense and start over…

The basic rule of thumb, where possible, is to minimize variation in how you use devices … but ultimately, if you want to use devices in various ways with various settings in various locations then patience is the only real strategy.

Minimizing variation:

  • Plug the hairdryer into the same outlet when you use it. No extension cords or the same extension cord every time.

  • Only use it on one setting (if it has multiple settings).

  • The time when you use it shouldn’t matter that much but, guessing here, it could be that if you have a shower and you have an electric hot water heater that that load and other possible morning loads (kettle, toast!) are cooinciding and clouding the detection.

The other thing to look for is devices that have been recognized but are perhaps incorrectly named by Sense or you. Hairdryers present fairly complex signatures because they are usually fan + heat so they are, strictly speaking, essentially two electrical devices themselves. The heating element may have been detected but the fan missed … since the fans in hairdryers are fairly low wattage and easier to miss in the electrical noise in your house.

If frustration gets the better of the situation, put the hairdryer(s) on a smartplug and you’ll get immediate detection that will ultimately aid Sense in detecting these devices natively.

How does this work?

If you plug the dryer into a smartplug so it detects the dryer does that mean the dryer will be detected when the smartplug is moved onto the next device?

No, it definitely does not mean that. There are multiple threads about what Sense can (and more importantly can’t) get from smart plug monitoring. So I suggest those to understand this kind of complex topic.

What Sense has said on some occasions is that smart plug data will eventually help them refine their algorithms, leading to better detection…but that’s VERY long term. So, once you pull devices off a smart plug, you go back to sense tring to detect it all over again.

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OK got it…thanks for the reply

I’m not inclined to invest the effort that would be involved to do this in the hope of getting some benefit a very long way in the future…I feel that’s all it would be. I’ve been hoping already for over a year and have seen little change.

Have you checked to see if Sense is seeing both of the hairdryers as a single device?
If that’s the case then you might be able to pick them up separately by using the “this device is not on” button for one of them.
It’s pretty common for Sense to conflate devices with similar wattage and signature patterns.
In my home, we have several appliances that run around 1600 watts and are all triggering a single detection.