Has anyone built a Database or Spreadsheet of known variable ranges?

Here’s my quandary. I’m sure we all have many devices in our homes, some are harder to nail down after detection than others. Such as a “Mystery Motor”. Has anyone created a list of items and their variable ranges to help narrow down the search?

The list could include…

Type of Item (possible Sense initial Name)
Actual Item Name
Automatic or Manual Control
Average Watt or Range or Watts
Is the item a component of a larger item
Average Run Time.

I think this would help narrow down the items as they are discovered.


Has anyone created something as described above?

Might be something you can use in the is thread
lol for posts by @kevin1

I’m sorry @Rickk, I should have pointed you to the sub forum for data Analysis where you can find many topics of interest

Data Analysis - Sense

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