Heat 10? Main meter has no change

Im positive that this isn’t an HVAC part or hot water… seems to be random. I also don’t see how it’s seeing the signature of this specific device. Notice how the screen shots are of the same date/ time / second. (1:07:02)

Have any 100w chargers?
Power tool battery charger?

I’ve got 2 roomba’s, a few of the 20v dewalt “90 minute” chargers, 1 of the 6amp 20/60v dewalt flex chargers. a 40v Kobalt charger, a garage door opener and a UPS… think that’s everything in my house that would be normally plugged in.

I’m going to unplug all the tool chargers before I go to work today and see if that’s it, if not I’ll try a Kasa plug on the ups and then the Roomba.

Did you notice the main meter shows no change in wattage when the device kicks on/ off ?

Can’t explain why the main dosnt show anything.
I’ve seen a similar pattern as your device on my main graph at times though less wattage but hard to say, as It hasn’t been detected as a device so I haven’t put much time into figuring it out. I do think it’s some type of battery charger as I seem to notice it more when/ after working in the shop. I really need to make better use out of my seasonal Kasa plugs.

I have most my “always on” devices on Kasa plugs/ strips. I was at home and “heat 10” turned on. I unplugged my UPSs and it still showed on. There was nothing on in the house… showing using 12w outside of Kasa integration. I turned each device off besides router/ modem and sense still showed “heat 10” on and and the bubble using 93w and the meter showing 40w for the whole house including Kasa

I deleted heat 10 since it’s kicking on 50-80x a day but main meter isn’t showing any change.

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Very strange that your devices wattage isn’t showing on your main meter. Could Heat 10 somehow be related to your solar, even a glitch?

It defiantly could be, my solar is load side connected (backfeed breaker). I assume the calibration for sense is harder and the meter has to do some math.