'Heat' Devices - Do we have Watts/Duration Numbers?

Multiple users (including myself) have reported seeing multiple Heat devices that are detected by Sense, but little info is available as to what those devices actually are. For a ‘typical’ home, the devices that have a heating element are:

  1. Toaster / Kettle / CoffeeMaker / Iron / …
  2. Heating element in DishWasher, for heated Dry
  3. Defrost Cycle in Fridge / Freezer / Water Dispenser
  4. Water Heater
  5. Dryer Heater (also has motor, so will be one of those confusing devices)
  6. Electric Heat, sometimes room by room, sometimes central
  7. Hot water boost in Dishwasher

1 & 2 are relatively easy to identify as one only needs to keep track of when they run the specific devices. 3 however, tends to kick in whenever it feels like it, and are often more challenging. I’ve seen many posts where the user(s) report that ‘Heat1’ device comes on regulary every day, about the same time, and lasts 10-15 minutes (consistently) .

To help with detection/identification, I thought it’ll be useful to list the typical current/power draw for each of those sub-devices, and how long they last.

Can we get some numbers (Watts/Duration) from those who have experience with such ‘heat’ devices?

Edit: Added devices per @andy 's input.

For those of us in all electric homes (and perhaps others), add also the following big ones:

  1. Water Heater

  2. Dryer Heater (also has motor, so will be one of those confusing devices)

  3. Electric Heat, sometimes room by room, sometimes central

  4. Hot water boost in Dishwasher

Here’s my list of “heat” devices:

Toaster Oven: 1,150-1,200w (time based on toaster setting)

Dishwasher: 1,233-1,351w, not just heat because whole dishwasher is on a smart plug, but probably most of that is heat. Dishwasher routinely gets named as the Toaster Oven by Sense. (Time: 90 minutes)

LG fridge defroster: 494-518w (Time: 20 minutes exactly)

Old Amana fridge: 83w…maybe. There’s some 83 watt load that comes on for a very prolonged period. During this time, the compressor comes on normally, which doesn’t seem right if the defroster is on. (Time: 3 hours 21 minutes)

Keurig: 464w (Time: however much we use it and leave it on)

Gas Dryer Igniter: 524-594w (Time: on 5 times during a 60 minute dryer session, for a max of 23 seconds each time)

Iron: 695w or 1,021w, depending on what the iron is doing (Time: less than 20 seconds each)