Cant figure out a heat device


A few weeks ago sense detected something it called “heat 1” that takes about 1244 watts of power. I have gas furnaces and a gas water heater. We have no space heaters in the house. Does anyone have any idea on what it could be? I have checked, it is not a kettle or the dishwasher. Anyone have any idea what it could be?


figured it out. It was a panasonic bathroom heater!


Not sure if this will help, but my system has also picked up the heating cycle of my dishwasher


And at 1240 watts could easily have been a hair dryer or iron.


Sounds like a toaster, microwave, hair dryer or some other resistive type heat device (not a motor). There are three types of electrical loads; resistive, inductive, and capacitive. Homes are unlikely to have any capacitive loads so look at motors for inductive loads and most everything else will be resistive. Sense can surely tell the difference between inductive and resistive loads and I suspect that is the core of their algorithms.