Heat exchanger compressor power ramp up results in misleading power display



When a compressor in my 2-stage heat exchanger starts up it seems to ramp up power usage in a few discrete steps over 1-2 seconds. Sense detected the first step as a motor that I renamed compressor (start). +1834w in this case.

However the subsequent increases to the steady state power draw (6-7 kW) are not included (they are currently included in Other). Will Sense eventually detect these so that I can merge them? Or will it be smart enough over time to combine them itself?


To partially answer my question, a new mystery motor has shown up which seems to be a subsequent part of the compressor startup. I’ve merged it into the first one.

Hopefully the last bit will show up as another motor.


Further clarification:

The first motor detected in my heating startup is my geothermal circulation pump. The next motor is my heat exchanger compressor starting up. However, Sense has still not identified the complete power ramp up of the compressor (there are 2 motors that Sense is “currently learning”).


Hey @richr,

Yes! It is likely that Sense will be able to detect the other components as well and if we’re confident enough that they’re part of the same device, they will be automatically merged. That being said, given your knowledge of your system, you might recognize them as part of the same device before Sense does.


Follow up:

After some time Sense seems to merged the two steps of the compressor start up as one. Nice!

However it now seems to decide that the related pump (which turns on shortly before the compressor runs and turns off with the compressor) is turning off when the compressor turns on. I’ll continue to monitor it.

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