Heat pump monitoring

Two things about heat pumps and sense

Background: My heat pump draw varying wattage depending on aitflow among other things. It is an older package unit and not in perfect shape. Just the sort of thing that benefits most from monitoring. As the filter gets dirty the wattage increases.

  1. Sense does not currently detect the increase. It seems to average the usage and assume a straight line instead of a curve. This makes the consumption figures inaccurate. It would be great if sense could measure wattage at off as well as on and build an appropriate curve to improve accuracy

  2. If sense was tracking actual usage like that, it could tell when the usage met some threshold , meaning something is wrong. In this case, clean the filter.

Actual numbers:

Evaporator fan = 600 watts

Heat pump short term run run after startup = 4000 watts
Heat pump long term run with clean filter = 5000 watts
Heat pump long term run with dirty filter = 6000 watts
Heat pump trip off due to over heat / over pressure = 8000 watts