Help identifying a mystery device

Looks like a refrigerator and this is a picture of my fridges power usage on a HS110. Obviously you can see other things showing up in the fridge using power as well because its on a smart plug.


This is zoomed out like your other pictures and the tall spikes are the ones that i got the zoomed in picture from. Again its on a smart plug (HS110) so you’re going to see a lot more happening on mine.

My Samsung fridge looks very similar to these pics. Even those little blips on the first plot are there.

probably because mine is also a Samsung

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Smoking gun???

I moved one of my HS110s and plugged my fridge in… Sense showed the first screen shot from the HS110 and the second is my mystery device. I would say with pretty high confidence my mystery device is a component of the refrigerator.

My gut tells me to remove the HS100 not so that Sense can continue to learn the rest of the components in my refrigerator. Yes?

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Yes, keep the HS110 in action if you have space behind your fridge. And buy another one as your roamer. Make sure you check the box in the Manage section of the smartplug’s Device settings that associates the smartplug with that newly detected device to avoid double counting by Sense.

No - I don’t work for TP-Link…


Kevin… This is the opposite of what I expected to hear. Why leave it? I was treating this unit as my roamer.

I would like Sense to continue to learn the other components in my fridge. With the HS110 in action, I understood that Sense would Ignore whatever is plugged in (in this case a single refrigerator. Please set me straight.

I’ve recently purchased an HS110 for my Samsung refridge, which hasn’t detected in the months since I purchased it, but I haven’t installed the HS110 yet (VERY hard to get behind the refridge). So I want to do it right the first time.

I don’t understand your note “Make sure you check the box in the Manage section of the smartplug’s Device settings that associates the smartplug with that newly detected device to avoid double counting by Sense.”Is this somewhere in the Sense App, or is it in the HS110 setup?

In Sense App in the Devices settings for that Smartplug device. It’s a little buried in the Manage tab in the “What’s plugged into this ?” entry. Sense needs a way to be able to associate the Smartplug with the previously-identified device(s) plugged into it to avoid double counting.

Thanks. Since Sense hasn’t discovered any of the various components of my refrigerator, this probably won’t have an effect on me, but I till check to be sure.

I’m assuming this is in the phone app, correct?

I kind of favor keeping the HS110 in action for two reasons:

  1. I think I understood from your earlier messages that Sense still hasn’t found other components of your fridge… Sense found my furnace blowers but I still put them on smartplugs because I discovered at least two other significant components that were not detected yet.

  2. At 15$ a pop, I err in favor of more, rather than less.

I hate to beat this horse dead – but I am still confused.

Correct. Sense has not found any other components in the fridge – this is the first and only.

I understood that with the HS110 online and the fridge plugged in, Sense would see the whole fridge as one black box. I would get the data for the fridge as a single collection of data points – Sense would NOT continue to find components downstream from the HS110 (Sense would retain the single component found and I could exclude it from being double counted, if I make the appropriate setting.)

Can someone please confirm this is true.

Be careful what you wish for with every component being detected in your fridge. I’ll use my fridge compressor, fridge defroster and fridge lights for this example. Those three have been detected on mine. But if they were to end up merged together then every time someone opened the door, it would say “fridge is on”. Oh, also the ice water dispenser is detected so it would be the same. Tones of fridge on and off notifications when it wasn’t the fridge actually running th compressor or fan for cooling purposes. I want these components detected separately for this reason so they are not merged together.
I’m not sure what having a HS110 would do in this respect. Does anything that happens with the fridge trigger a notification or not? @kevin1 would know.

This is what you get if it’s on a smart plug and with each device this is what I am most concerned about. Oh and when it’s on a smart plug it learns when the device is idle or not so you can see how much power it’s using when at idle

top is fridge second is fridge light.

That’s what I’m talking about. See how many times it says it was on a month? It’s showing turning on and off when any amount of wattage above idle is used. I bet when someone opens the fridge door you get a notification for the fridge to turn on.
I would want to be able to know the difference between the fridge cycling or being opened as separate events. See how my fridge has separate devices? With a smart plug that’s out the window unless you first ha e the detections and then use the smart plug

I see what you’re saying but have you compared those numbers to numbers while it’s on a smart plug to see what the actual usage is? I’m first concerned about total usage of devices so I can see what devices use too much power and how I can learn to be more efficient with my power usage.

Hi Kevin,

There are a few parts when adding a Smart Plug.
If you add a smart plug to a device that has had no parts detected, you just add it and name it and call it a day.
If you add a Smart Plug to a device that has already been detected, or partially detected, as part of the setup process, the app should ask you “what is plugged in” and you can check he box, or boxes of any devices that are now behind your smart plug.

So in your case, you have your mystery device (Not Dishwasher). You may not know what component it is in the fridge, but you know its the fridge. When you add the smart plug, you will check the box to tell sense that “Not Dishwasher” is plugged into the HS110. You can then rename the plug to “Kitchen Fridge” or whatever.

Going forward, Sense will stop trying to detect components on power that is reported by the HS110. So an appliance bulb, compressor, ice maker etc… will all appear as “Kitchen Fridge”. Sense will NOT continue to search for the individual components of the device.

Does that answer the question or clear anything up?


No @mike_gessner
I have not compared to a smart plug but have to a kill-a-watt. The compressor running is what I call “fridge” and that does show the same as th kill-a-watt meter. It’s what I’m interested in. Number of times cycling a day and fro how long the cycles run. When there gets to be more cycles, longer run times or both then I will know it’s time to service under and behind the fridge again with the vacuum and compressed air and the coils are dirty.
Knowing my kids have to open it five times to get a glass of milk o oh stresses me out to be honest.

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Totally. Thank you Ben. This makes complete sense, and is what I expected.

In my case, I was looking to identify a mystery device – not gain a complete view of my fridge. And so, I see no reason to leave the HS110 plugged in. It’s of more value to me as a detective tool.

I guess at the end of the day, I have to ask, if the cost of a smart plug is worth not waiting for Sense to do its machine learning thing. I could simply pepper my home with HS110s and have no more “Other” category. But what’s the fun in that?!?! Sense becomes an expensive aggregator for smart plugs.

I think I’ll remove the HS110 and put it back in my detective bag. Thanks all!


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