High overnight spikes? Common causes?

Hi- New sense user here – just about a week in and have identified a bunch of different devices. Experiencing the same kinks as others but so far, I’ve been happy. There is one item I’m trying to identify and wondering what it could be – I notice it spiking overnight for about 10 minute increments to really high levels (5 to 8 KWs at times).

We have a hot tub but I’m pretty sure the heating spikes for that would be lower, shorter but more frequent (which I’ve seen elements of the charts too). Any ideas what something like this could be?

We have gas furnace and gas hot water heater – we have a small heat pump for one specific room (it’s a very old unit and is inefficient – but we keep that room very low and last night, the temperature never dropped enough for it to kick on). Providing screenshot for last night as I’m limited to one image as new user.

Wondering if people could help or provide ideas of the types of appliances that could cause this much usage for what appears to be 10 to 15 minute increments? Somewhat randomly too…

Assuming you are talking about the 5kWh rectangle-ish usage ? Looks heat pump or AC like in my mind.

Correct. Hmm – I’ll have to do more testing but thought for sure the heat pump wouldnt have kicked on last night.

I would go through your electric panel(s) and list all of the 240v (2-pole) breakers. This unknown device will be on one of those due to the amount of power being used. Go through and mentally evaluate which devices it could be. Then you can turn the breaker off for the prime suspects and see if the usage pattern changes.

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The wattage lines up with a hot tub heating element. Is it set to something like vacation where it wo t drop below a certain Lowe temperature?