Historical billing info

I wish that instead of entering a single price for what my electricity costs, I could enter a date it was effective from so that I can update my cost over time without inflating historical numbers. Here is a screenshot from the SolarEdge website showing exactly what I mean.


I haven’t tried it but I imagine you could use the TOU functionality to do this because it has all the key elements - time period, rate, and the ability to set the rate for all day, every day. The only two caveats I can think of:

  • I kind of remember a point in time when I couldn’t edit TOUs in the past. If so, you might only be able to edit forward going costs. But that may have been fixed.

  • TOU entry requires a period end date, so you will have to enter one and adjust if you don’t know the next shift in pricing.

There might be other issues I haven’t thought of.