TOU setup recurring historical rate zones

I initially setup 16 different TOU zones to cover my rate plan (PG&E EV-A) for this winter and this coming summer. I setup each of these zones with the “make rate zone recurring” option set so that the rate zones will recur during the same date ranges in the following years. But I also want my historical data to have TOU rates applied to them, so I updated all 16 TOU zones to be the winter of 2016/17 and the summer of 2017. However doing so prevents the “make rate zone recurring” option from be selectable (it is greyed out, and it is reset to disabled). (Also, changing the dates in this way from the web app is not possible one step, since it enforces some date range rules that limit how much the start/end dates can be changed; the IOS app method of changing the dates of the TOU zones is much better.)

I definitely do not want to go setup another 16 TOU zones for last year, and another 16 TOU zones for the year prior, and so on. Even with the “Duplicate rate zone” open, this would take a lot of effort, and then there’d be 64 or more listed rate zones…messy.

Is this a bug, that a recurring historical rate zone can not be defined?

Anyway, I can envision better methods of defining rate zones, and then even allowing them to be recurring every year, but where the /kWh rate can be different for each year since rates just go up every year. (Different per month would be nice too, since the rates can change each month, but that starts requiring even more data entry that just isn't worth the !/.)