Historical electricity cost

I have a fairly simple fee schedule. One price per kWh under 850 kWh and a higher price per kWh over 850 kWh. I know that in general, utilities are changing to a ToU type thing, but what I’m proposing should be the same.

Right now when you go into Sense and change the cost of electricity, it changes your consumption cost and solar generation revenue to match the new price. SolarEdge lets me set a date that a rate started and uses the older rates to calculate revenue for the older time periods.


That only measures what I produce though. I’d love to be able to do the same in Sense. Or else what might happen is in 10 years (hopefully Sense is still around then and my unit is still working!) I’ll look back at 2020 and it’ll show I spent a lot more money than I really did because it’ll be calculated with 2031 rates.

Against, I know my case is simple compared to what others have. I just do $$ charged / kWh consumed from grid. But I hope Sense is looking into this because the longer they are around, the more this will become an issue.

If I understand what you are asking for, you can do it today in Sense-land in a bit of a convoluted way. I think you asking for a way to set a cost / buyback for fixed periods of time. You do that by using TOU pricing with just a single ToU rate zone, that changes over time. The first thing you add when you create a new ToU rate zone is the time period it is active for.

Simply create the rate and make it active for “all-day” for every day of the week for the period of time the new rate is paid for (usually the rate form has detailed info on the rate period).

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