Hot Water Kettle vs. Oven


Thought our kettle was ID’d OK…

Then over the weekend, turning on the oven triggered the ‘Kettle’ device.

Turning on the kettle is still ID’d as ‘Kettle’ though.

Anyone have similar confusion?


Yes. Heating elements are constantly confused with other devices. Happens to my dryer, oven, toaster, and coffee maker. All of them are confused with either oven or dryer elements and sometimes the oven with the dryer due to the other devices.


Same here. The heating element models don’t seem to be perfect yet.


I see the same thing, Sense can’t tell the difference between my dryer and a toaster, even though the dryer uses quite a bit more power and has a motor running, showing startup current.


I also have a floor heat and a stovetop element that flag as one device.


I have a GE profile oven and make their hair dryer that show up as same device.


So what is the recommended guidance for dealing with misidentified heating elements? I’m getting kinda sick of reporting “Device is not on” whenever my clothes dryer is detected as an oven. Should I just delete it?


Sorry for the frustration, Eric :confused: . Outside, of marking a device as ‘not on’, you could try deleting the misfiring device. It’s possible that it may be relearned better.


Ben, how do you mark it as “not on”. Is there also a “not off” flag?




A few weeks back Sense discovered my kettle. I was highly confident until the next day. While using my toaster oven Sense said my kettle was on. This pattern of Sense thinking my kettle and toaster oven were that save device continued for a couple of weeks until one day Sense was only triggering on my toaster oven. I’ve renamed the device to toaster oven and I’m now waiting for Sense to re-discover my real kettle :slight_smile: It’s interesting that Sense initially thought both devices we’re the same. They draw different amounts of power and have very different profiles. When the kettle is on it draws constant power, the toast over on the other hand cycles with an on cycle of just 5s.


@brsipaq, when a device is on, go to that device’s details screen, scroll to the bottom, and tap ‘Report a problem.’ You should see the option there. We don’t currently have the option to report when ‘not off’ but it is something we’ll be looking at.

Sorry about that @Jan :confused:

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