How can my Central Air exceed Total Usage

I’ve only noticed this with my central air, but after a recent month of heavy usage mid-summer, Sense is showing that the AC used 636 kWh while total usage was only 564 kWh, implying the AC used more than 100% of total energy.
Obviously that’s impossible, so either total usage us being undercounted, or AC is being over-counted. Which sounds more likely? Total usage has tracked well with my power bills so far, past month was 600 vs 608 kWh and was due to a 1 day difference in billing period.

And here, the numbers obviously don’t add up to 100%

Mine was doing this as well. The total was correct but for some reason my “Upstairs AC” would show it was on when it was off and even exceed what my mains were using. I opened a ticket with sense…… but ultimately I deleted the “upstairs AC” and it found it about a week later.

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Ok, it must be overcounting the AC then. At least these cases are easy for them to identify, just look up any accounts where sum of device % significantly exceeds 100% for a period.