How do I access Sense data from Windows 10 desktop?

Before I purchased the Sense I was told I could access the data from my smart phone or, in a more limited fashion, with my Windows 10 desktop. But I cannot see instructions or an app download suitable for Windows 10. How do I do this??
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from frustrated newbie

Use your browser (Edge) to login to the website using your account id and password. The actual login URL is:

You can just click on it.

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Thank you Kevin…I appreciate your taking time to respond. Now I have the desktop figured out…but may I ask why you recommend Bing? I usually use Chrome, but is it more limited in functionality/compatibility with Sense than the Bing?
Thank you again…

I’m not really recommending Edge (Bing is built-in search in Edge). It’s just the default browser shipped with Windows 10. I use Sense with Safari and Chrome. For me, Safari is the no-fuss browser that works. I use Chrome for more sophisticated browsing, like when I want to pull data via web scraping.

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Great! Thank you Kevin…


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