no longer has a link to the web app?

When going to, I can no longer see the “web app” link. Only if I drill down to more specific pages, it will appear. Is this by design? I think in the past the link always showed on the top-level page.

(Chrome, Windows 10)

(I did a community search, but did not find it mentioned yet)

Can confirm that I can’t see the web app link either on the sense homepage.

It still shows up on the blog page header though.

If you need to access the web interface you can just go directly to

Well, in the past, I always just went to just, now it was not clear at all where to find the link. It appeared once I selected “support… help center”, but on virtually all other pages it is now missing.

I guess I need to create my own shortcut to Tedious! For me, it is much faster to autocomplete in the address bar than to scramble through hierarchies of custom shortcuts.

Not sure if it was an intentional omission, but I would appreciate to have it back where it always was.

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The Web app link is still on the main page, though confusing and really out of place at the very bottom of the page under “Support”. Agreed it should be placed back up top.


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For now, some links still take you to a copy of the old site. I imagine that will change as Sense gradually updates and converts the rest of the website to the new style page layout.
I believe the person designing the new site is new(er) to Sense and is not too familiar as to the importance and relevancy of certain things. Pointing these things out will help them along this process. In a way having both formats somewhat mixed is a good thing as we can still find the older information and links if needed.

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Hi all, thanks for your feedback on this. I will pass this along to the appropriate team.

You can now find the Web App in the footer of (shown below).

As @user123 mentioned, I recommend bookmarking the web app into your toolbar if you regularly use it. Alternatively, you can use the Omnibox (URL/search bar) to go straight to the web app for easy access. This will save you some clicks, regardless.

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