Web (Usage) Oops, the page you were looking for doesn't exist

Is anyone else having trouble with the web usage screen? I am getting a 404 message.

(Oops, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist.)


Not an issue for me. Does the main logged in page (Sense) work for you, but not usage ?

What browser are you using? I posted the following in another thread that someone else had some questions on the usage tab not populating but it was from like a month ago… Web App “Usage” not populating - #18 by blackbox

As of 6-26-2019 3:30cst I am now missing the entire “usage page” and “usage tab” as of an hour ago… Sense crashed today, then upon refresh went to (404 - Oops, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist.) Also, the “usage tab” for the web version is gone and “trends tab” is now there. I liked the old way much better. The new version is a mess and doesn’t make any sense. The totals don’t even add up and you have to hover over the day to see total usage. No please tell me they didn’t change it to what I am seeing now…

Here is a picture from that other thread of what mine looked like until the change today. This is not my picture but from that other thread I referenced.

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May 23

This is what the new “trends” page looks like. Notice the web address has no mention of “usage” anymore. To get current daily usage you have to go to week view then hover over the day you want displayed.

OK - I see what you mean. That specific URL is indeed gone with the push of the new V8 web app.

And I am missing the Usage and Power Meter panels shown in the announcement (I believe the screenshot shows the app). Plus some text on the Compare is missing when viewing from Safari vs. Chrome and the layout of panels can be a little different based on aspect ratio of device.

Can you post some screenshots over in the v27 thread? I’m going to close this one.

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