How do I break out the items in Other and manually identify?

Using Sense for 3-4 years. Some devices have been identified and named. Our dryer, however, which is probably ~20 years old, is lumped into the Other group (still). I can turn it on, see the spike in usage in the Other group, turn it off and Other drops right off. So I can turn on/off the appliance and see usage jump and drop - but I see now way to assign that dryer appliance as it’s auto-assigned to Other. Not finding anything in this community or Google searches to address. Short of resetting everything, any suggestions?

One question and a few thoughts. First off, is it an electric dryer ? 240V heating element ?

The challenge with what you are asking is that Other is not a “grouping” of devices. It’s a calculated value/bubble that comes from subtraction: Other = Total Usage - usage for all identified devices - Always On (updated every 1/2 second). So you can’t break out the dryer from Other, because there is no identified dryer in Other.

Things you can do:

  • If your Sense only has one pair of CTs (sensors) today, add a pair of Flex Sensors, and use one or both on your dryer circuit with the Direct Current Monitoring option.
  • Take look at the Power Meter in the iPhone/Android app to see if the dryer on and off are being “tagged” with a single consistent power reading for each, like in the screenshot below. The biggest on/off (3000W) is my floor heating element which often gets conflated with my dryer. If you are seeing single wattage tags on both your dryer on and off, and they are within a couple hundred watts of one another, then there is a reasonable chance that the dryer could be detected. Post similar of dryer on/off from iPhone/Android app if you can.

The additional info helps, thanks. I feel it’s a pretty significant (old) electricity hog, just need to confirm before replacing. Image has two on/off cycles for the dryer. First one reads 3065W on, second round reads 2938W on.

I’m not seeing the offs - they should show as similar negative values in gray tags. Could be that they are there but just hidden because of the scale. Or it might be that the offs are long enough that they are not being seen. Tags are not a 100% predictor, but give you a better idea of what Sense is seeing, and not !