How long until backfill kicks in?



Last night we had an ISP outage from a little before 3AM to a little after 4AM. Power was not lost and the home’s Wi-Fi was operational the entire time.

It is 10 hours later and Sense has not backfilled data. Is this a case where Sense got a bit over-eager and rebooted itself resulting in data loss, or maybe it will still flow in? It certainly isn’t critical to lose this data, but it feels like a reboot this quickly, if that happened, would be a bit premature.


I doubt it’s going to flow in as Sense only has about a 6 hour buffer so I would think that it would have purged that buffer already by now.


Good point, I won’t get my hopes up.


From my experience once every few months the Sense Monitor shows it’s sleeping or maybe not communicating with my WiFi. I reboot my wireless router and i do not reboot Sense …within minutes Sense is reconnected and the data is backfilled.