HS110 became disassociated, consumption back to "Other" category


And it happened again this morning, and it appears my wife’s entire charge cycle last night was dumped into the “Other” category since Sense appears to be completely losing track of the load on my wife’s HS110.

@RyanAtSense can someone look into this? It’s totally destroying our stats gathering here (especially with an EV that is drawing >10KWH a night) and seems to have completely destroyed the entire point behind HS110 usage.

The only way to resolve the issue is a hard reboot (completely unplugging and plugging back in) of the HS110.

Also, perhaps unrelated, the HS110 measuring my car has never found “Idle” either, many weeks later. My wife’s (the problematic one above) has. My car however has never experienced this disassociation issue, however.


@RyanAtSense, I filed an official bug report via the app this morning on this issue FWIW, but I’d like to keep the thread open here as well to see if anyone else is having similar issues.


Two of my HS-110’s are on 2 of my garage door openers that sense thought was one opener. I am having the same issue where sense is not showing idle (opener on = 400+ watts, off = 6 watts). I have 3 others that are reporting “idle” just fine.
I really miss seeing the on off events for those doors :frowning_face:

I have support looking into it and they say there is a bug causing it, so hopefully that problem gets resolved soon!

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Ok, I’ll move the info from your initial bug report over that your new Support ticket.


Here’s our 2 EV’s being measured through independent HS110’s.

  • My wife’s Volt (Christies) shows an realistic estimated Kwh/year of and percentage of monthly use, and it’s still climbing with every charge. Since November was the when the independent measuring using HS110’s was started I know these stats are still being estimated.

  • But mine on the other hand (Marks) seems to think the percentage of monthly use drastically less despite the kwh consumed being only using slightly less than her car so far this month - she was away for a few days for work so I caught up to her monthly consumption at that point.

  • For some strange reason her car shows slightly less kwh this month versus mine (the only month in which they’ve been measured), but the estimated yearly kwh is higher than my car which seems the opposite of what would be expected.

Something isn’t being calculated correctly…in several places.


That is very strange indeed, I wonder if it is because it does not have a full months worth of data? If you look at it by week or by day is it more accurate? Keep us posted, thanks.


Since November is the only months data I have to work with (and only about half the month at that) I can’t really compare it against much else unfortunately.

Either way, methinks something is screwy in the way Sense is calculating the stats. It’s hard to take anything it’s presenting factually moving forward seeing such wildly incorrect data between these two devices which are measuring via HS110’s at that.


@RyanAtSense, why did my post on HS110 stats issues (with the screenshots above) get merged into this thread?

It’s very decidedly a completely separate issue, one that others may be experiencing as well but simply aren’t aware of because they don’t have multiple HS110’s measuring very similar devices like in my situation.

I thought having an independent discussion on a independent bug would be beneficial to the cause, at least so far as providing perhaps useful feedback for you guys. Having it lumped into this thread now means most people are just going to completely gloss over it.


Ultimately, the cause seems to be in the backend calculations, despite the disparate superficial issues. It’s better (for us, and for other users searching here) to merge threads as much as possible. Things become incredibly unwieldy when similar issues are scattered across multiple threads.


One of my garage openers is reporting an "idle " state today :slight_smile:


Yes, my holdout second EV picked up “Idle” a few days ago as well, as did another HS110 that I installed on the weekend to monitor our hot tub - it actually detected idle within something like 24 hours.

Now, that having all been said, my “Servers & Entertainment” HS110 seems to have, on the flipside, lost it’s idle.


The disassociation happened with the HS110 on my wife’s EV again last night.

Another 11KW of consumption was dumped into the “Other” category again last night. Didn’t notice it until this morning. Once again, a hard power cycle of the HS110 fixes things…until it happens next time.


Is the 110 heating up while the car is charging?


Not at all, and the identical unit a few feet away on our second EVSE (EV Charger) is performing just fine.

The only thing I can possibly attribute it to could be the HS110 losing it’s WiFi connection, or it getting momentarily interrupted - it is the furthest device in our home from the router.


So, I’m back to follow up on things here.

It happened again a few days ago and I started to think that it could be a hardware issue with the HS110 itself, so I called TP-Link tech support thinking perhaps they’d send a replacement.

Long story short, I did a dumb, and sure enough…I found that the HS110 was running outdated firmware. I was SURE that I had applied the firmware update to both units when they arrived, but either the second one failed to apply, or it had slipped my mind.

So all of this may have been a result of outdated firmware.

I updated the unit and it hasn’t occurred since. I will update here again if it does, or if it doesn’t, I’ll also update here in a month or so with a “Case closed”.

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I have many of these devices TP-Link devices here.
I think your router reception or settings are the problem. Get a repeater first( cheap fix?)
I have Norton Cube and everything is consistent.
Have had Sense for over 1 year with solar.
Working as expected. Very happy with reporting.
My always on is 9827w now, having many pumps and Led lights for my fish farm. I use 10-11 kw/hr here.
Thank God for solar panels and the sun😀
I have heard many internet company’s split the bandwidth, over time they don’t combine. This is so they can sell a faster service. Planed obsolescence.
Saw repeater that automatically combines bandwidth restoring faster internet-defeating the providers attempt to get you to up grade. Don’t have one- frontier fios-here. Good luck

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