HS110 stats and percentages are wonky


Here’s our 2 EV’s being measured through independent HS110’s.

  • My wife’s Volt (Christies) shows an realistic estimated Kwh/year of and percentage of monthly use, and it’s still climbing with every charge. Since November was the when the independent measuring using HS110’s was started I know these stats are still being estimated.

  • But mine on the other hand (Marks) seems to think the percentage of monthly use drastically less despite the kwh consumed being only using slightly less than her car so far this month - she was away for a few days for work so I caught up to her monthly consumption at that point.

  • For some strange reason her car shows slightly less kwh this month versus mine (the only month in which they’ve been measured), but the estimated yearly kwh is higher than my car which seems the opposite of what would be expected.

Something isn’t being calculated correctly…in several places.


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